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Iron Man

Saw this one day-of, and at the risk of exposing my hand, it was easily one of the best comic book movies so far. Being a sucker for the beginnings movies (Superman: The Movie, Batman Begins, etc.), this was especially enjoyable. The structure was pretty cool, as its first 1/3 or so was a short movie on its own. As others have noted, John Favreau clearly knows best how to entertain audiences through comedy, and here he shows his ability to use a compelling story and impressive effects to accompany funny moments. Of course, were it not for Robert Downey, Jr., one can only wonder as to how passable this would have been. You know an actor has done his/her job when you can’t imagine anyone else filling the role. That similarly goes for Jeff Bridges. He seems to become unexpectedly bad once he gets inside his suit, but then, he probably just needed the opportunity. Never before has he so been not “The Dude.”

A major purpose of this e-journal is to record thoughts so I won’t forget them later. Since I plan on many repeated viewings of this guiltless pleasure, I have no worries of forgetting anything.

UPDATE 5/6: Saw it again last night, and Downey Jr.’s acting compels me to comment again on how refreshing it is to have someone who is not Clark Kent or Peter Parker be the hero of a comic book movie. They’re lovable, and Bruce Wayne is to be feared, but Tony Stark may be the only truly cool alter-ego. You know that really painful part of Spider-Man 3 when Peter danced to funk music on the sidewalk…not cool. Also, was struck by the similarity between Iron Man’s first helmet and that of a hero only Generation Y can appreciate: The Rocketeer.

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One thought on “Iron Man

  1. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are a classic combination… Charlie Wilson’s War made me feel a little better about U.S. foreign intervention, it seemed to work out that time

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