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A Sentence on The Exorcist

Girl in angelic white, "Damian" the priest in black

Girl in angelic white, "Damian" the priest in black

Through impressive use of color, texture, lighting, and sound, The Exorcist reveals a surprisingly rich psychological ambiguity of parallel characters, corresponding with the mystical nature of and fine line separating good and evil powers.

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3 thoughts on “A Sentence on The Exorcist

  1. until u watch it not really scary the movie but still scares you

  2. its not really scar any more cuz i watch the movie about 50 times already

    • You are an idiot. I hope you will one day take some basic English classes, or at least move out of the ghetto. Words like, “You”, “because”… and some punctuation may help actually look like you didn’t spend half of your life being home schooled by a drooling alcoholic that was spawned from hundreds of years of inbreeding, you little Peacock.

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