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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story


Andrew, this one’s for you.

Having never seen Walk the Line and having a general distaste for films of the musical biopic genre, it would have taken and did in fact take my artistic mentor to force a screening of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. My predispositions being the case, it turns out that Walk Hard went down easily and not without a chuckle. Coming down somewhere between poking fun at and mocking Johnny Cash and Ray Charles movies, this movie rode the line between mockumentary and shameless goof-fest. This isn’t to say that it didn’t fall down a number of times – this is anything but an exercise in well-balanced cinema – but at least it broke out of the toilet-humor kind of mold that, I would think, defines all those Scary/Date/Epic/Etc. Movie movies. It’s nice not to see John C. Reilly taking himself as seriously as he did in Martin Scorsese and Paul Thomas Anderson movies, but this Will Ferrell-turn in his career is a bit sad to watch. The phallic title meets its match in various close-ups as the pop-comedy genre continues to make its return to the late-70’s-early-80’s naughtiness of Airplane!, Stripes, and Caddyshack. Seems at this point that my words are generally restrained or negative. Sorry, Andrew, they’re not meant to be. I would imagine this is more fun to watch with you than by myself on Netflix Online.


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One thought on “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

  1. Andrew on said:

    Zach you stupid piece of shit. I told you, I can’t make you a candy house.

    You’re my twelve year old girlfriend.

    You can never make up for what you just did to That’s Amore.



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