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A Sentence on How To Steal A Million


Another case-in-point of the feelgood romantic-heist-comedy genre not unlike its many predecessors and imitations, How To Steal A Million commits that infamously Hollywood cheat by inserting two gorgeous and charming leads (Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn) as distractions from what would otherwise be undoubtedly a predictable hash of daddy’s little girl going after a charming bad guy who, of course, isn’t really bad at all, vindicating not only dear Audrey but countless adorers who would have gone to the nether regions and back just to watch her.

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2 thoughts on “A Sentence on How To Steal A Million

  1. Hilary on said:

    Now that’s a movie! You can disown me now.

  2. I’m sorry if it wasn’t clear: I have great affection for this movie, and not only because it perpetually reminds me of one of my very favorite sisters-in-law. I would sooner disown the hair on my head than you, my dear. (Unlike this paragraph, the one above is tongue-in-cheek.)

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