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A Sentence on Father Goose


Grumpy, stubborn, half-drunk, sarcastic, and unshaven did nothing to diminish Cary Grant’s charm and unsurpassed presence in his second-to-last film Father Goose, begrudgingly filling the pater familias role to Leslie Caron and a bunch of girly-girls while periodically yelling at and being yelled at by the well-cast Trevor Howard in a light and goofy homage to The African Queen.

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4 thoughts on “A Sentence on Father Goose

  1. …did nothing to diminish his charm AND sex appeal. Is that what you meant to write?

  2. It is what I meant to write. Sometimes I wonder if I swoon too much over him, but that’s a rather silly notion, isn’t it?

  3. Yeah, not possible to swoon too much. Duh.

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