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A Sentence on The Thomas Crown Affair

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Bearing the marks of its Die Hard director all over it, John McTiernan’s remake of The Thomas Crown Affair bears at least as many marks of clichéd filmmaking – ranging from atrocious dialogue to plot holes of the most remarkable sort (like, really bad) – and features a couple of popular 90s actors doing everything they could to look cool and attractive but finally just looking desperate and arriving severely short of the standard form of heist films in which audiences at this point should be quite fluent.

Pretty much says it all.

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2 thoughts on “A Sentence on The Thomas Crown Affair

  1. That’s a short but not-so-sweet (more like trenchant) run down of the movie 😉

    Well, it’s been a really long time since I saw the movie. I remember having gone to the theatre to watch a different movie, but somehow we’d jumbled up on the show timings, and ended up watching Thomas Crown Affair. And I also remember having reasonably enjoyed the movie, and particularly liked the final burglary sequence, but don’t remember much otherwise. And yes, its quite likely, having watched a lot of good movies in the meantime since I was in school when I’d watched it, if I watch the movie now (which, though, seems quite unlikely) it is quite possible that my opinion about the movie might get revised in your direction 🙂

    But still, was it really that bad?

  2. No, it probably wasn’t THAT bad. I haven’t yet mastered the subtlety of the one-sentence review. Since this one came out, there have been lots of much better heist movies, so it’s easy to dismiss this remake. Also, some of the scenes of an unclad Rene Russo seemed a bit much. Probably more than that, I think it’s a rather offensive film toward women. Russo’s character comes into it as a very strong female presence: smart, sexy, and immovable. She ends up falling for Pierce in a sort of fatal attraction. She gets pretty clingy and reverts to a female stereotype, only to end up being outwitted by the lead man and run back to him desperately. Anyway, yeah, I don’t this should be on your list of “must re-watch” films. Stick to the good stuff you’ve been viewing.

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