Precious Bodily Fluids

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: New Testament Imagery

Idiot disciples

Taking up his cross

Exiting the tomb

Lion foe



Calming the storm?

Sermon on the mount

Let the children come to me

The law was given through Moses

Preview of drinking damnation

My Father's house


Kiss of Judas



Leap of faith

Drinking judgment

Master healer

Kingdom divided

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2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: New Testament Imagery

  1. Gustavo H. Razera on said:

    Gotta love your photoessays. Only Jim Emerson’s are as good (and he seldomly makes them).

  2. The first image reminds me of The Searchers. Also, so much gold.

    This movie/movie series is the reason why a lot of kids know God’s name. I haven’t seen it in a while. One of these days I will.

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