Precious Bodily Fluids

“Phenomenology and Film…” – Andrew Quicke, 2005

Andrew Quicke, “Phenomenology and Film: An Examination of a Religious Approach to Film Theory by Henri Agel and Amédée Ayfre,” Journal of Media and Religion 4, Vol. 4 (2005): 235-250.

Quicke collapses the transcendent into a phenomenological approach, by means of the two aforementioned French phenomenologists (A&A). A&A were Roman Catholics whose loyalty to their faith heavily informed their methodological approach and the films they believed succeeded in it. They were disciples of Bazin, himself a nominal Catholic, and applied Bazin’s basic notions of realism to a Christian-focused phenomenology with emphasis not only on transcendence but also incarnation. Although Quicke describes all of this, he does not delve very deeply into what this approach looks like, other than a fairly shortly application on “1980s films set in Texas.” Essentially, we need to look closely at the taken-for-granted aspects of our experiences, acknowledge that the search for God is a universal thing, not restrict ourselves to the possibility that only “Christian” films will succeed in this formulation, and then look closely at the way films address the Transcendent (which he defines by means of Paul Schrader). Rational and materialist theories are incomplete. Films that at least deal with the theme of death, though not may not “succeed,” at least reflect the search for God and the need for a transcendent referent (see Bergman, Fellini, etc.).

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