Precious Bodily Fluids


This exists because of a glorified dare, or a particularly fuzzy human being. It will not review so much as ramble. It will not be academic but rather acidic. Growth will be apparent from the early to current stages, and the author will not attempt to hide progress through pretense. It will generally restrict itself to the medium of cinema, without ruling out the chance of evolving interests. It will be shameless with regard to obsessions, preferences, and narrowness. The intention will generally be for substance, but brevity will be rare. Few poetic attempts will be made, as the author’s prose is only too prosaic. Ire will give way to irony, and ignorance will be ignored. Near to none have been told about the existence of this log by the author. Those who have should visit often, at least once a year, but not daily.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. every day and a half. that’s how often I visit.

  2. I just discovered and joined your website yesterday. Therefore, I hope to visit every other day. Once a year? ha!ha!

  3. Nice new theme and layout!

  4. Hey buddy. My name is Tom, and I was hoping that you would be interested in exchanging links with my website. It’s called and it lists all the songs heard in movies. We currently receive around 1000 – 1500 visits a day, and are ranked 590 000th on Alexa if that means anything to you. I may be pushing it by asking for this. But i need a website to sponsor my website slightly more. I’m looking for a site that will put a ‘Music’ section in its links sidebar and in there you can put links to some of your favourite movie soundtracks linked to the corresponding page on my site. So, for example I just finished writing the scenes in for Inglorious Basterds. So you could put this link under the music section..

    This may seem like overkill, but I need to test out links to individual pages. But yer, if you’re not keen for the individual links, im happy to do a simple link exchange. You put up and i’ll put up

    Anyway, get back to me… Thanks a lot.

  5. alice on said:

    damn, you wrote a lot about a lot.
    super impressive.

  6. You prob’ly shouldn’t read it. It started out lengthy and uninformed and is now more concise and slightly less uninformed. Both are bad combinations. Welcome, though.

  7. Hello there. Thanks for putting me on your Blogroll. Will put yours on mine… =)

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  9. This is just so very interesting. I have been going through the articles, and they are terrific reads (sights?).
    Shall be regular…


  10. Hi Zach (Andrew?). I think you have an incredible site and archive. It is full of insightful and incisive (should that be inciteful :-)) posts and reviews. Well done. I’m an eBook publisher and I’d like to get in touch with you about licensing some of this work for a couple of books I’m putting together. Could you please get back to me with your contact details so we can discuss this a little more privately 🙂 Look forward to hear from you. All the best. John

  11. Your piece of prose about yourself is pure poetry.
    Shall visit this site, definitely much much more than once a year, though not daily.

  12. Hey- I love your blog would love to follow your academic work but don’t see your name or institution on the site. Are you on

  13. Ha ha ha ha! Fuck yeah

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  15. Who are you, Andrew?? Some personal info please…

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