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Trailer: Where The Wild Things Are

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3 thoughts on “Trailer: Where The Wild Things Are

  1. Janet Jack on said:

    This is one of the books I loved to read to the children when they were young. The book is so well illustrated. This little clip is interesting and I would like to see more. How would they make a movie out of this book though when it contains so few spoken words?

  2. Yes, Deana exposed me to it for the first time, and I am in love with it (the book). I understand your hesitation; of course it won’t be the same as the book. But it looks like it may have captured the spirit of it. Just think of it as totally separate from the book. Someone loved the book enough to expound on it and make a full movie. A statue may not be the same as the person, but the likeness is what’s important.

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